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The Stephana

Having seen the old Stephana of my friend's father (who is now over 80) hanging on the wall above his old white iron bed I decided to look into the history

Continue reading "The Stephana"

Bridgette Evans

Just returned from a superb meal at this wonderful and friendly restaurant, spotlessly clean and nothing was too much trouble.

Continue reading "Bridgette Evans"

Ayia Fanaromeni Church

Ayia Fanaromeni Church In Nicosia

Continue reading "Ayia Fanaromeni Church"

Ayia Napa Hotels

Ayia Napa Hotels Search For The Best Price With This World Class Hotel Comparison Engine

Continue reading "Ayia Napa Hotels"

Avdimou Village

Avdimou, An Old Turkish Village West Of Limassol Town

Continue reading "Avdimou Village"


Akrotiri Peninsula Home To Flying, Flamingos & Forbidden Photography

Continue reading "Akrotiri "

Cyprus Holiday Rentals

Cyprus Holiday Rentals Offer A Lot Of Choice So Here Are A Few Key Differences Between The Booking Sites On Offer

Continue reading "Cyprus Holiday Rentals"

Pasteli Factory Anogyra Village

Pasteli Factory Owned and Run By Andreas & Despoulla Michala In Anogyra Village

Continue reading "Pasteli Factory Anogyra Village"

Anogyra Village

Anogyra Village Carob Centre Of The Island & Home To The Art Of Traditional Pastelli Making

Continue reading "Anogyra Village"

Beaches In Cyprus

Beaches In Cyprus Are Top Class, Safe, Clean & Just Lovely Really!

Continue reading "Beaches In Cyprus"

Cyprus Tourist Guide

The Only Cyprus Tourist Guide We Recommend & A Few Others We Think Make The Grade

Continue reading "Cyprus Tourist Guide"

Cyprus Travel Guides

I have updated this page, as the books have new versions available and I have added a couple more including the North side of the island

Continue reading "Cyprus Travel Guides"

Cyprus Wedding Traditions

Cyprus Wedding Traditions are lovely and many are still practiced today.

Continue reading "Cyprus Wedding Traditions"


Hello Everyone we are back on line after a brief hiatus.

Please come back often we are updating the site on a regular basis.

Don't forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates as well...

Best Wishes


Cyprus Wedding Photography

Cyprus Wedding Photography is a booming business. Read some tips on how to choose a good one

Continue reading "Cyprus Wedding Photography"

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner - Do you need one? Can you organise your wedding yourself? Here are some thoughts about the subject for you to ponder on

Continue reading "Wedding Planner"

Cyprus Weddings

Cyprus Weddings are very popular because of so many factors. Find out more if you are thinking of having a destination wedding in Cyprus

Continue reading "Cyprus Weddings"

Destination wedding

destination wedding, some great reasons to choose Cyprus

Continue reading "Destination wedding"

Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies in Cyprus - want to go civil or religious, here are the details

Continue reading "Wedding Ceremonies"

Cyprus Wedding Documents

Cyprus Wedding Documents for british wedding couples. If you are from another country you must check with your local Cyprus embassy about what is required for your nationality

Continue reading "Cyprus Wedding Documents"

Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance is an essential part of planning your Cyprus wedding click here to see what information you need to armed with to make sure you purchase adequate cover

Continue reading "Wedding Insurance"

Cyprus Wedding Traditions

I am going to be starting a new section about weddings in Cyprus soon, it seems to be such a popular thing on the island.

I thought I would start off with Cyprus Wedding Traditions because they are so lovely and can be an inspiration for international brides to be.

If know of any different ones I would love to add them to the please get in touch I would love to hear from you...

Continue reading "Cyprus Wedding Traditions"

Limassol Travel

Limassol Travel Is Essential If You Want To Stay In One Of The Best Districts In Cyprus For Being Central For Everything The Island Has To Offer

Continue reading "Limassol Travel"

Cyprus Embassy

Cyprus Embassy presence in Nicosia. If you need to communicate with your home country consulate the contact details are on this page

Continue reading "Cyprus Embassy"

History Of Cyprus

History of Cyprus is as old as time itself & equally as fascinating. Take time to seek out the past to explain the present.

Continue reading "History Of Cyprus"

Cyprus Conflict

Cyprus Conflict - Brief Information

Continue reading "Cyprus Conflict"

Louis Cruises

Louis Cruises Are A Family Business That Have Been Operating In Cyprus For Over 65 Years In The Travel & Tourism Industry & Involved In Cruises For Over 25 Years

Continue reading "Louis Cruises"

Limassol Wine Festival

Limassol Wine Festival Held Every August/September

Continue reading "Limassol Wine Festival"

Anna and Tony GRIFFITHS

Made our holiday! In Cyprus in Pissouri for 2 weeks most of that was on chris,s blue beach. Great food... Met Sanju who collects for SUNBEDS now I have

Continue reading "Anna and Tony GRIFFITHS"

Larnaca Mosque

Larnaca Mosque Said To Be The First Ottoman Mosque In Cyprus

Continue reading "Larnaca Mosque"

Larnaca Marina

Larnaca Marina On The East Coast Of Cyprus

Continue reading "Larnaca Marina"

Piyale Pasha Larnaca

Piyale Pasha Larnaca Is The Old Turkish Quarter Of Larnaca

Continue reading "Piyale Pasha Larnaca"

Oroklini Larnaca

Oroklini Larnaca Is Not Just A Village Full Of Concrete Boxes, Go Further In & You Can Find Touches Of The Real Cyprus Here

Continue reading "Oroklini Larnaca"

larnaca fishing shelter

Larnaca Fishing Shelter Is Great At Sunrise To See The Fishing Boats Off Or At Sunset When They Go Out For The Evening

Continue reading "larnaca fishing shelter"

I have added some photographs to Facebook

I have added some photographs of Limassol Market which seem to have gone down well.

I would love to have you let me know what you think in the comments box.

I post regularly so like my page and get informed when I put up new pictures.

They are all my own work, so don't miss a thing...if you love Cyprus Pictures.

Continue reading "I have added some photographs to Facebook"

Easter In Cyprus

Easter In Cyprus Is One Of The Most Special Times To Visit The Island

Continue reading "Easter In Cyprus"

Easter: Bonfires At St Lazarus Church Larnaca

Cyprus has many celebrations each year for easter, many unique to each town and village, but everywhere, you will see bonfires lit at the churches.

You will find this happens on Easter Saturday evening when everyone goes to mass in the evening.

When Christ is proclaimed risen by the priest, the congregation go and light their candle from the fire, and fireworks are set off in Celebration.

A great, shared event, don't forget to take your camera with you...

Eurovision Song Contest Entry 2013

A lovely song, a very nice singer, super video of Cyprus as the backdrop but I will be suprised if it goes far....

Leave me your thoughts on my Facebook Page...

James Villas Available Now To Book For 2013

Hotels In Paphos

Hotels In Paphos Search For The Best Deal You Can Find With A Best Price Guarantee

Continue reading "Hotels In Paphos"

Cyprus Package Holidays

Cyprus Package Holidays Could Be The Answer To Your Prayers If You Are Strapped For Time, Money Or Inclination

Continue reading "Cyprus Package Holidays"


Bellapais In Northern Cyprus Is A Village In Northern Cyprus & Home To The Best Preserved Gothic Abbey In The Near East

Continue reading "Bellapais"

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa Has Touches Of The Real Cyprus If You Know Where To Look Past The Buckets Of Cocktails & The Overpriced Chips With Everything

Continue reading "Ayia Napa"

Ayia Napa Monastery

Ayia Napa Monastery Is A Haven Of Tranquility Set Right In The Middle Of The Drinking Square

Continue reading "Ayia Napa Monastery"

Can the Maestro cards be used at Cyprus banks ATMs

Can I use my Yorkshire Bank Maestro card at Banks ATMs in Cyprus if the logo is not displayed at the bank Reply:If the logo is not showing, you cannot

Continue reading "Can the Maestro cards be used at Cyprus banks ATMs"

We Have Joined The Google Plus Revolution

Do you use Google Plus, we have just started a page, and would love you to follow us.

If you have a Cyprus centric page we will follow you too.

Continue reading "We Have Joined The Google Plus Revolution"

St Lazarus Church

St Lazarus Church Home To The Tomb Of The Saint Resurrected By Jesus Christ

Continue reading "St Lazarus Church"

Cyprus Video

Watching A Cyprus Video Will Convey Far More Than A Mere Photograph Ever Will

Continue reading "Cyprus Video"

Rosie Bent 's favourite restaurant

Best restaurant in the area, we have been coming here for years. They even did my god daughters wedding when they reopened their new restaurant. We

Continue reading "Rosie Bent 's favourite restaurant"

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