Cyprus Video Clips Will Give You A Great Introduction To The Island

cyprus video

I think by watching a cyprus video you will learn far more about the island than you could ever learn from a brochure or static photographs.

You just cannot truly capture the spirit of this great island in a mere 1 dimensional form.

I want to bring to you links to some cyprus video that will capture the essence of the island in a way that will speak to everyone who views. Moving images will speak to the heart of every nationality without the need for words.

Larnaca Tourism

I love Larnaca (Larnaka)and this video covers it nicely

National Geographic Production - Islands

I particularly like this National Geographic Video from their Islands series.

Professionally shot and narrated by well known British actor Sean Pertwee, this Cyprus video really takes in all parts and all sides of the island.

It is a complete HD Television production, so make time and sit down to watch 45 minutes about Cyprus, written like no other so far, in true National Geographic style. Quality without a doubt.

One of my favourites to date.

The Real Cyprus

I particularly like this video, from the pages of the Cyprus Embassy, because for me it really describes what Cyprus is about and if this is your first connection with the island it will give you a great insight. It was made by a couple of german filmakers in 2003 and I think it is one of the best cyprus video productions to have been made

It runs for nearly an hour so I would settle down in a comfy chair and give yourself the time needed to watch. It is more like a documentary and covers areas such as history, food & wine, the villages and mountain region and tourism.

It also touches on the border opening into the north and also covers inside the north side of the island briefly, which most visual presentations avoid, which is a shame as after all there is no denying it is there and most visitors like to take the opportunity to go at least if only for the day.

I hope you enjoy watching this cyprus video. Sorry no embedding code to put it on the page but if you click the link, it will open up the video for you.

The Real Cyprus

Green Cyprus

If you are at all interested in an enviromentally friendly holiday to Cyprus you may be interested to view this video, less than 5 minutes long but details how Cyprus is aiming to be more green in the future.

It is professionally produced by The Travel Channel on You Tube.

Limassol & A Touch Of Larnaca

This short video, 1 minute 39 seconds focuses on the old part of Limassol and port area and briefly touches Larnaca, St Lazarus Church and the marina. A nice little video from Broadband TV, sadly the code for embedding the video in the page has been disabled, but you can click the link and go to the web page.

Update Summer 2012: Limassol is undergoing some major changes in construction in the old town so what you see here has changed a bit. When I can get worthy video I will post it here with the updated view of the old town. I will be posting up some pictures in the near future as well.

Limassol and Larnaca

Hiking & Walking

I particularly like this video from the Cyprus Tourist Organisation, as is really shows you in the space of 9.52 minutes a lot of what the island is about. Food, crafts, rural architecture, scenery and the coastal area of the Akamas National Park, an absolute "must see" if you want to find the real cyprus.

Food From Cyprus Video

One of the main joys for us from Cyprus is the food of the island. So many people of different nations have passed through that they have all left their mark on the cuisine. This video of just under 10 mins from the Cyprus Tourist Organisation highlights the delightful joy that awaits you when you visit and you sample the food of the real cyprus.

Enjoy this cyprus video and the food when you get a chance to try it. It is delicious!

Cyprus Music & Dance - Insight Into Cyprus Culture

This is a about as real cyprus as you can get in a Taverna in Limassol.

Historical Monuments & Ancient Sites

All you need to know about Cyprus from the lens of the holiday place. Many historical and archaeological sites are covered plus modern day activities like carnival, conferences and cruises.

Runs for 7.48 mins and most enjoyable.

Part 1 of 2 Is More General

But well worth watching....

The Wine Festival in Limassol 2010

Brilliant fun. Great place for food and wine and a really nice night out.

It is held in the municipal gardens on the seafront in Limassol

Commandaria - Vine Planting To Wine Pressing

Diving In Cyprus

A very brief but lovely video of divers among the fish in Ayia Napa on the east coast.

North & South Captured Summer 2010

This footage has been taken recently and captures the essence of both north and south.

It begins in the south around the Limassol seafront, moves to the north and Kyrenia Harbour and the market in Nicosia and then back to the south.

We really liked this amateur video by someone with an eye for it.

Recommend you look at their other travel videos as well on youtube, just click to view this one on youtube.

Limassol Town

Here is an interesting documentary about the town of Limassol, it gives you a picture of the place in a nutshell

Larnaca Town & District

This is the Larnaca (Larnaka) Tourism Board Official Video of the area and it is very, very good and show cases the area beautifully.

North Nicosia - Old Market Being Renovated By United Nations Development Programme Money

Here is some interesting news about the old market in North Nicosia, it is going to be beautiful and an enhancement to the city and to its people.

Cyprus Conflict - Want To Know The Story?

If you are unsure of the politics of the conflict of the island, this video is very enlightning, particularly as it is from an american point of view.

It states their hand in the proceedings and is a very open and honest account of what took place.

A lot of Cypriots are quite suprised this has been made but welcome the USA putting their hand up and stating what they have done.

The comments are worth a read too!

Akrotiri Area - the bits you can go to on the Peninsula!

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