Cyprus Wedding Photography

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Cyprus Wedding Photography

You will need to think early on in the proceedings about booking your wedding photographer

Cyprus weddings are booked often 2 years in advance of the day and the best people are booked up way in advance too.

Getting Your Wedding Photography Right

Ask For Recommendations

There are now so many forums on the internet and Facebook groups dedicated to weddings in Cyprus it will be easy to ask the question and get a lot of feedback.

Ask to see photographs people have had taken by various photographers, ask if they don’t mind sharing some with you and really listen to their comments.

People tend to be very liberal with their praise if they are happy, and less vocal if they are not.

See Their Work

All the best photographers have their own websites and it is so easy to google them now, and they put on the best of their photographs as their testimonials.

I would just check that the photos you see belong to the person who is actually going to take them for you on the day and not just the owner of the studio.

I would also ask to see complete albums so you can see if they are consistent throughout the day, not just the best ones!

If you are using a wedding planner, before you commit to them, ask them about who they use and ask to see their work. A number of planners will use set vendors, people they know are reliable and they trust them which is great, but their style may not suit your wedding party.

Contact them

Although it is great to email, try and phone if you can or get them to phone you. Skype is free if are worried about a phone call cost.

How do they respond to you, do you feel comfortable?  What if you don’t like them?

You need to know that you are going to feel great with them.

A great photographer is also a great people person, who will get the best out of you and your guests.

Review the two videos on this page and discuss poses with your photographer, dont just leave it to him or her to think about it. Get involved and come up with your own script .

It could totally ruin your day if you don’t get it right, you will be kicking yourself for not making that call. You don’t want to find you have engaged a sergeant major on the day that makes you feel on edge.

 If you are not relaxed with them it will show in your photographs.

Do You Want A Certain Style?

Cyprus Wedding photography is so much more than just the formal positioning of the family these days.

The modern choice of photographic style is called reportage and it gives a storytelling feel to your album.

The pictures are informal and no one is posing for the camera. The photographer will pick moments that you will not even notice you are in but will be meaningful afterwards as a captured event for the album.  A look, a touch, a glance, a smile, a gesture… those sorts of things.

I would stress to you about this kind of work, it is important to choose a wedding photographer who is good with this style. It takes a certain eye to be able to capture “moments”.

Some Photographers can only really do the classic style so it is important to know the difference.

You may of course still want some formal shots of your immediate family, and your best friends.

Your nearest and dearest just might take exception if you completely throw out tradition, but don’t forget it is your day, have what YOU want.

You might also be interested in having black and white photographs only. They look particularly stunning if your wedding theme is black and white as well.

Your bridesmaids in orange might look a little drab but if you go for tinted photographs, that is to say, black and white with just a certain colour or colours picked out, they could look quite spectacular don’t you think

I would recommend you think about photographs before you choose your wedding colour theme, in case you want some black and whites. It would be a shame if the pictures were an afterthought and you were not able to get the desired result in the album.

If you are opting for a beautiful traditional wedding at an old church and your reception is in a typical Cypriot tavern you might want to give some thought to sepia pictures.

The warmth of the stone really lends itself to these type of photographs

Talk to your photographer about your ideas, chances are you will probably go for a mixture of all of the above.

More photography poses you might like to use

Cyprus Wedding Photography Budget

Your wedding photographs are definitely an area where you get what you pay for.

To fit in with your budget the wedding photographer will have a menu of prices for you to choose from. You will be paying for the taking of the photographs on the day and the post processing work to create your album.

For a set price you will have a certain number of photographs in your album and there will be additional charges for additional photographs

The quality of the album will be reflected in the price.

Cyprus Wedding Photography Copyright

I would most definitely check out who owns the copyright to your Cyprus wedding photography, because it isn’t always you.

Cyprus Wedding Photography Contract

You will probably have to sign a contract when you book and pay a small deposit to secure the booking.

Check all the small print to be sure you know exactly what you are paying for.

Is it everything you discussed? Style of photographs, number of photographs, what shots you want

Where you want them?

Make sure the correct date and time of the wedding is included, price agreed and any restrictions if any that might have been agreed

Confirm a timescale to see the proofs and for when your album will be ready

Your guests and taking photographs

It is always fun for your guests to take photographs as well, they will add another dimension to the photographic record of your day, but don’t let them hold up your expensive photographer.

Try and get someone in the wedding party who is fun but can control a crowd of people to get them to go where you need them to be.

When you get to the reception, have some disposable cameras to use at the table, you will get brilliant photographs when people have had a few….!!

Make your Cyprus Wedding Photography unique to you


I will repeat the fact that get what you pay for regarding photographs, don’t opt for the cheapest necessarily.

Choose quality over quantity even if it means you have less photographs, you will never capture the moment again so have what you want.

 I would rather have 12 fabulous photographs over 36 average ones, wouldn’t you?

I sincerely hope your Cyprus Wedding Photography turns out just as you want it

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