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Who is going to organise your Cyprus wedding?

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Wedding Planner?

Now you have decided Cyprus is the place for you, who is going to organise your wedding?

Cyprus is the premier destination for European weddings so you will not be short on people to help you do the job.

You have several choices, either organise each and every detail yourself or you can hire yourself a team to do it for you, either using a private company, hotel in house planner or choose a tour operator specialising in weddings who will have their own dedicated specialist team in UK and other countries and on the ground in Cyprus.

There is a third option where you organise some of it like the wedding ceremony venue and reception choice and a planner organises perhaps just the legalities to make sure all paperwork completed.

If you plan it yourself, you will have to be super organised about paperwork, ticking boxes and meticulous with minding your budget, because you may save financially but pay in other ways. The plus side is you can use whoever you want as your supplier, and the choices are numerous.

The other great positive is, English is spoken widely on the island which helps tremendously when dealing with people on the island directly. There should be no reason your wishes cannot be understood.

If you use a wedding planner you can leave it all to them but it will probably cost you more money overall than if you did it yourself.

Do bear in mind a lot of planners will often stick with who they know, and have a built up a relationship with, so if you have a favourite supplier then you should bring this up at your meeting to see if your wedding planner will work with this person or venue. There may be a historical or financial reason that they won’t so you need to be clear.

If you want to go down the tour operator route, you are limited to what they have on offer in their brochure in terms of venue and who they use as their supplier for flowers, photographer, and cake maker and so on.

You don’t get access to every supplier available, which you would do if you organised it yourself.

What you have to weigh up is, is the cost of using a planner worth saving you hassle and aggravation, tears and upset that will undoubtedly follow if you are not the organising type and you may have other factors to consider like a full time job or business, full time family commitments and so on.

You have to also work out if what is on offer in a brochure fits in with your ideal wedding dream.

Ask Yourself Some Questions!

There are currently about 45 plus companies operating in this area in Cyprus (I did say it was a premier destination for weddings) including tour operators but not including individual hotel based specialists, so you can see there are a lot of companies who can help you arrange a wedding in Cyprus, probably more than 400 suppliers if you add them all together.

Here are questions you need to ask yourself and give a realistic answer:

  • Am I the organising type or if I look around my life am I a bit of a “head in the sand” with paperwork type?
  • Does my life realistically allow me to go to work full time/run a business/look after children and organise a full scale wedding abroad?
  • Do I want to negotiate with each and every individual supplier in Cyprus myself?
  • If I have never been to Cyprus or even if I have am I confident to organise this big life changing event myself without experienced help?
  • Do I get stressed at the thought of organising the event?
  • Would my wedding arrangements create an argument, would it be best to have someone neutral arrange things?
  • Do I find negotiating prices with vendors awkward or embarrassing
  • Am I finding I just cannot start anywhere at all?

  1. If the answer is not what you are hoping for to any of the questions you may want to employ a wedding planner.

What Services Do They Offer?

An independent wedding planner can offer as much or as little as you need really but as a general guide you can employ them to be there on the day just to make sure all goes smoothly right the way up to planning each and every little detail for the day.

Do remember your wedding planner is not booking your flights or accommodation unless you wish to pay for this service.

They can arrange your honeymoon too if you wish. You might decide you want to have your wedding in one location and a honeymoon at another. Different resort or even just different accommodation.

They are not there to take over your day but they will work with you to advise and guide you as much or as little as you need.

A wedding planner can be especially helpful as there are quite a few bits of paperwork to complete for a wedding and a licence in Cyprus, but you can organise it yourself if you make sure you give yourself enough time to meet the local deadlines.

If you go down the tour operator route, you pick your wedding option from the brochure and it is arranged for you, your choices are more limited than if you chose to use an independent planner. The bonus is you are booking a package including flights and accommodation for the duration of your stay.

Here are the most common services offered

  • Organising your legal paperwork
  • Designing the overall theme of your day
  • Sourcing the venue for the wedding/reception in your chosen resort
  • Sourcing suppliers for flowers, photography, music, food etc
  • Being there on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly.

How Much Will A Wedding Planner Cost?

There are no hard and fast rules but as a ball park figure, 10 to 15 percent of the budget for the independent wedding, depending on size of event and the amount of time needed to plan and organise everything.

If you book through a tour operator or go straight to a hotel planner, the organisation of your wedding will be included in the package price.

The best thing they offer is to save you precious time if you don’t have it, and most definitely they save you stress if you cannot handle it.

How Do I Choose A Wedding Planner For My Cyprus Wedding?

Ask anyone you know who may have used one, follow forums on the internet that include Cyprus as a wedding destination.

Facebook has a lot of people who have started groups for brides to be who are getting married on the island.

You can pick up tips in their posts about who they have liked or not liked and for what reason as they are going through their research. People are generally very honest on these types of platforms.

You will need to search for Cyprus weddings and you will be able to locate other Cyprus weddings brides to be easily.

You will soon have a feel for the people you like, but whatever you do, I urge you not to go on cost alone, just because a service is cheap does not mean it is any good unless it has come highly recommended from other brides.

The most important thing of all is, find one you like because you have to be able to communicate well and you need to feel confident they will interpret your ideas in the way that you would wish. They are after all going to plan your most important day ever.

Good luck with your plans.

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