Beaches In Cyprus Are Some Of The Best In Europe

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Cyprus Beaches

Beaches in Cyprus, are top class, safe, clean and there is a beach for everyone.

Family ones, quiet ones, sandy ones, pebble ones, busy ones, party on down ones, eat your lunch on ones, disappear from the world ones, empty ones, even nude ones!

So really as far as Cyprus beaches go, you will find one you like.

They are looked after well, raked every day early in the morning, I know because I have seen them at 5.30 am when the sun is just coming up!

The Blue Flag means a lot for your peace of mind as well regarding any of the beaches in Cyprus, you know what you are getting so to speak, such as:-

  • A lifeguard is available
  • Medical facilities available
  • Wheelchair access
  • Showers & toilet facilities
  • Safety markers for boat lanes and swimming
  • No animals allowed

Do You Need To Know About Wheelchair Access for any beaches in Cyprus?

Wheelchair access is available at 7 of the major beaches in Cyprus.

In Paphos you can use Yeroskipou beach as it has been recently converted in association with the tourist board and the Cyprus Paraplegic Association

In Polis it is the Chrysochous the municipal beach

In Limassol the Olympic coast and Dasoudi muncipal beach is converted for access

Fig Tree Bay in Protaras, and Vathia Gonia

Ayia Napa at Landa Beach (Golden Beach)

For more information about Wheelchair access all over the island visit Accessible Cyprus, via the tourist board for more information and a downloadable booklet.

So Tell Me A Bit More...

I don't know exactly how many beaches there are in Cyprus there are, but I do know there are at least 49 official Blue Flag Beaches.

Blue Flag beaches are know for their cleanliness, safety and facilities offered to the beach user, in fact they have to pass 32 criteria laid out by the governing body and they are only awarded for one season at a time, so no one can get complacent about getting the flag and then that is is.. they get to put their feet up!

The must comply with:

  • Water Quality
  • Environmental Education & Information
  • Safety & Services
  • Environmental Management

So Where Are These Beaches?

I won't go into detail about each and every one of the beaches in Cyprus, because frankly, I don't know them all...!

But, I do know about the most popular ones and I will just put in some details about where they are, so here goes...starting from the east coast beaches in Cyprus.

Note: Not all beaches in Cyprus OR those listed here are BLUE FLAG, so be aware you won't necessarily get all services available as deemed by the rules set out for these beaches in Cyprus.

Beaches In Cyprus

Fig Tree Bay

Fig Tree Bay is probably the most well know of the beaches in Cyprus in the Protoras region, You will also find it is called the Famagusta region as well, in case you are confused.

Part of Famagusta region is behind the green line and classed as the north of the island from the Cyprus conflict of 1974, but this beach is in the south of the island.

I remember Fig Tree Bay when it actually just had fig trees on it!

No hotels or restaurants just pure beach, but now, it caters for the masses and very well too!

Tons to do here, water sports, jet-ski, sun beds, food, you name it, you will find it all here.

Parking is not great but people do seem to use a restaurant car park, that is situated behind the main beach as a public one, can't say you will be able to on any given day, so please don't take my word for it!

The beach sits right in front of the Capo Bay Hotel, which is gorgeous and used extensively for weddings, but it is also a fantastic place for family holidays, it has a really strong clientele who are repeat bookers.

One of my personal hotel favourites in the area.

Many people who want a change from the beach in front of their hotel come here and those who want a different view from Ayia Napa, this is a very popular Blue Flag Beach.

You can follow the walking path from here along the coast into Protoras itself.

The water is this region is that beautiful blue green colour and it really is the colour you see on photographs.

It is stunning in the summer!

I took the picture myself in August and it was gorgeous.


Penera Beach

Pernera Beach close to the Pernera Hotel but you can use it if you want to, you will probably have to pay for use of the sunbeds and parasols but it might be just the change you are looking for as this beach is more quiet than Fig Tree Bay

The local Pernera area has shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and tavernas.

There is brilliant coastal path that allows you to connect with Protoras if you want to take a evening stroll, you can sit on a bench and have a rest if you like or you can go there and back to walk off your dinner... BUT don't wear high heels!.


Beaches In Cyprus

Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach is probably one of the most well known beaches in Cyprus and in fact the whole of Europe.

Ayia Napa was and is still known, although I would say the hey has had its day, as a party capital, but it is still very strong on appeal to the young people of the world

This beach in Cyprus really is that blue, and the sand really is that white, so it is fair to say, this Cyprus beach is probably the best one on the island.

Perfect for a family holiday, the water is crystal clear, but bear in mind it does get busy at the weekends and if you want quiet, please don't go there unless it is early in the morning.

You can get food, sunbeds and parasols here and there are showers too, and a LOT of music blaring out from the bars.

I did say it was popular with the young people, but don't be put off, it is a lovely place to visit at least once if you can just to say you have visited one of the greatest beaches in Cyprus.


Ayia Thekla Beach

Ayia Thekla is another one of the very popular beaches in Cyprus, not especially big, but the main feature of this Cyprus beach is the lovely little Greek style church nearby standing proudly facing the sea.

It is named after the female saint Ayia Thekla, who on closer inspection near the church, down the steps you will see, was interned in the rocks.

There is a little shrine to her and candles are kept burning for her inside the rock.

During the summer months, there will be brides and grooms posing outside the classic blue door for the photographer to capture their Cyprus wedding dream.

Has been known to be a bit sea weedy, but super popular with families, always lots of children there, so great for families, maybe less so for couples.

There are a lot of villas nearby so one of the most convenient beaches in Cyprus if you are staying there.


Konnos Bay

Konnos Bay is extremely popular with locals and tourist alike.

Water sports galore here, a perfect colour blue/green water and some golden sand.

Not a big beach and it can get crowded particularly as it is near a few hotels, the nearest being the Grecian Park Hotel, but you can get sun beds and parasols here.

One of the very popular beaches in Cyprus and will be crowded in especially in July and August. I think being next to the hotel is probably one of the reasons why, even if it is a bit of a trek down.

Don't miss the small sign for the beach, and be aware you have to traverse down a winding road to get there, so parking is as you go down, you find a space and claim it really, and then you have to continue winding your way down.

From the road up top you can get a really lovely photograph of the beach, and you can really see the colour of the water, rather like I have in the photograph above.

Taken in August during the "shutdown" when many cypriots in the building and related trades take an enforced week because of the heat, all over the island

Usually the 2nd/3rd week in August and can be upto a fortnight.

The beach was mobbed and the parking a nightmare when I took the photograph in August but only for the reasons mentioned about the holiday.

Not suitable for people with walking difficulties.

One of the really lovely beaches in Cyprus for the area.


Beaches in Cyprus

Cyprus Beache

Phinikoudes Beach the word in Greek means litle palm trees, and they were when they were planted in 1922, but now they are so much bigger but they line the street beautifully.

A beach length of approx 500 metres the area is a hub of activity, the promenade runs parallel with the sand so there is a lot going on.

People take a walk from the marina end up to the fort and back, some of them leisurely and some for fitness.

Plenty to see and do, very shallow water, virtually no waves so perfect for children and there is no shortage of toys for the water in the kiosks nearby.

Load of colour coordinated beds and parasols so if you need to meet someone just pick a colour and you have a meeting point.

Bars and hotel accommodation line the street, and there is a beach bar offering a "we come to you service" you will see young people with their tray and notepad, searching for you to wave your hand and they will take your order, so you don't even have to move from your sunbathing position!


Cyprus Beac

Mackenzie Beach or Mackenzy or McKenzie, I have never seen it spelt the same way twice.

Another one of the very, very popular beaches in Cyprus.

It is the beach closest to the airport and if you are keen on aircraft you will see just how close the aircraft are before they land. The runway is at the end of the beach!

This at the tourist end of Larnaca where the apartment blocks are, lots to do, water sports galore, restaurants and cafes, and a big car park if you are driving here, you can walk from Phinikoudes if you are feeling fit, it is about 2 km.


cyprus beaches

Kastello Beach I have included 2 pictures because this is quite a small beach and I wanted you to see both ends of it.

Pictures taken from the middle of the beach by the Lifeguard tower. I think this is one of my most favourite beaches in Cyprus, they have lovely wooden sunbeds and tropical style umbrellas.

The beds are virtually in the water because it is quite cramped with them but, lovely sandy beach, a little deeper than in other places but most definately a nice beach.

You will find it located next to the small fishing harbour, at the tourist end of Larnaca and between Phinikoudes and Mackenzie Beach.

Very close to a shop if you want to buy drinks, ice cream or a rubber duck!


Yanathes Beach is to be found out of town on the old road to Dhekelia and Ayia Napa.Most definately one of the most popular beaches in Cyprus for the Oroklini area (Voroklini) if you happen to be staying in this part of the Larnaca region. A large restaurant is by the beach, tons of sunbeds, free parking all over, and a nice shallow water area for the children.I like this beach as it has palm trees on, which makes is a little different to other beaches in the area.This Cyprus beach is not especially wide but it is sandy and long and very popular with local Cypriots, you will see them there morning, noon and night and there is a nice path along the beach for walking and cycling towards the hotels in the area.One of the most perfect beaches in Cyprus if you want to take exercise.

Beaches In Cyprus

Beaches In Cypru

Curium Beach (Kourion) Probably one of my most favourite beaches in Cyprus because I have been going for SO many years.

It is a perfect spot especially if you are visiting the amphitheatre at Kourion, you can see the sites and then come on down to the waters edge for a dip. 3 great tavernas, my favourite is Chris Blue Beach for his outstanding Calamari and great service.

You can get some interesting waves here, you will see windsurfing and kite surfing along this coast.


A closer view of Curium Beach at the waters edge...

Ladies Mile Beach

If you have children I would be more inclined to take them to Ladies Mile Beach, closer to Limassol because the water is shallower there.

Ladies Mile Beach is on the western side of Limassol as you head towards Akrotiri on the old road, not the new highway.

It is a very long beach, on the edge closest to the town (as seen above in the photograph) the beach is pebbley, but as you travel along towards the other end away from Limassol, towards the Akrotiri Peninsula, the area is much more sandy.

Absolutely ideal for children, because the water is shallow for quite a way out, and 6 restaurants are available to choose from for food and drink.

This beach in Cyprus is extremely popular with Cypriots, especially during the weekends in the summer.

During the week, you could have the whole thing almost to yourself sometimes! but bear in mind, no lifeguard available.


You have the salt lake right behind you and you could include a visit to the Monastery of the Cats which is nearby, you can find details in all the good Cyprus Travel Guides.

Pissouri Beach A favourite for me for the view and the restaurants by the waters edge, which are great, especially the Captains View and The Agamemnon Cafe, more than the beach itself.

It is quite stony in places, especially as you get closer to the water, so bring some of those jelly type shoes to wear.

Sandy along quite a bit of the beach, plenty of water sports to keep you busy.

The water can look that amazing light blue colour here.

Absolutely gorgeous.

I wouldn't especially recommend for children or anyone with mobility problems, it shelves along the waters edge and sometimes it can be a struggle to get out


Cyprus Beaches

Avdimou Beach - (Kyrenia Taverna End) This beach has 2 areas, with completely separate access points. Both named after the restaurants that are situated there and have been for years.

The photograph shows you exactly how it is, flat, mostly sandy and the odd sunbed by the restaurant. Can get windy here but if you want peace, you will get it here.

On the other side of the picture there is a "beach club" which is a small restaurant with fancy wooden sunbeds and colourful sun umbrellas. I don't know who exactly can use it, but each time I have been there, a bus brings people and takes them away again, so it may belong to a hotel, but the point being, I don't think you can just pitch up and use the facility.

You will see access to this beach as you come from the highway, if you are heading towards Paphos, and take the turn off for Pissouri Village.

There is an old metal sign stating Kyrenia Tavern pitched amongst the grapevines. Follow the road down and you will see the beach club building and the taverna.

Plenty of parking available.

Avdimou Village is not far away, go back over the highway and it is signposted.


Cyprus Beac

Melanda Beach This along the same bit of coast and next to Avdimou beach, but accessed by a slightly different route through the vineyards, follow the signpost.

So called Melanda because of the restaurant, situated there for years.

They do a mean Calamari and chips.

Very popular with expats, the beach area is sandy shingle, reminiscent of this part of the southern Cyprus coast.

If you want a beach side taverna with a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean, this is probably one for you.

Ideal if you are staying in the Pissouri area for your holidays.

Again not ideal for small children unless you are prepared to keep a serious eye on them.


Paramali Beach This is not one of those beaches you will find listed in your travel brochure, or even necessarily on your map.

This beach in Cyprus is situated between the edge of the Sovereign Base Area of Episkopi Garrison, and Pissouri Village.

You can access it off the highway, if you come off the road from Paphos at Pissouri and take the old road to Episkopi Garrison.

When you come to the mosque and the white church you turn right, there is a house there, and follow the road down towards the beach, through trees and fields.

If you come from Limassol through Happy Valley, the turning is on your left. I think the village is signposted Paramali from the highway.

I took this photograph at 2pm and not a soul around, but do note:

There are no sunbeds, unbrellas or places to buy refreshments. I you want to go for peace and quiet, do make sure you take a cool box and everything you need.

No shop nearby to get anything...

It is used by military personnel for windsurfing on this side of the island, so you may not always have it to yourself, but it should be free in the mornings as the soldiers work until about 1.30 pm.


Beaches In Cyprus


Agios Georgious If you head past Coral Bay you will come to Agios Georgious, a small harbour, ideal if you want to leave the crowds behind.

There is a very well know restaurant as you arrive in the area, and a much photographed church. Personally I think the restaurant is overpriced and the food is average but if you want a really great view above this area, and you could get some nice photographs then it is absolutely worth going to.

Very popular with locals at the weekend, this beach area is nice for a change from your hotel area if you have hired a car. It is about 15 minutes from Coral Bay Resort.

Lara Bay

Lara Bay Akamas One of the most unspoiled areas of the island, mostly deserted except for probably at the weekend, but this area is also home to a National Park.

Akamas National Park is well known for its wild beauty, space and turtle breeding.

Definitely I would recommend a 4 wheel drive for comfort to get to this area, rocky and stony travel as you get off road, but like most people, if you have hired a car, you most probably won't care about the road.

But really, for your own comfort I recommend something designed for the terrain.

We drove around the area, in one of those really small cars you can rent, usually the cheapest on the tariff and we said.. never again!

As you enter Akamas there is an enterprising soul selling drinks and snacks but after that you have to wait until you hit the villages before you reach civilisation again, so suggest you bring a cool box with your lunch and stock up on fluids.

Zero facilities in this area and absolutely no good if you have disability problems.

Recommend it for couples though or individuals who want a bit of peace and quiet on their beaches in Cyprus.

The area is also highly used by folks on walking holidays and you will see a few individuals with their back packs on.


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