Your Travel Business Online

Your Travel Business

Your travel business online is going to be successful.

How do I know that, well, I started my own online travel business right here and have had visitors from day one to my website and started to earn income online in a few short months.

I know you are smart enough to be looking for something similar and will at least look at the facts and see if the website system I use could be for you.

What Do You Want?

In your travel business online are you looking for something that is easy to operate, doesn't cost much and is guaranteed to bring you visitors to your website to see what you have to offer?

Am I right in thinking that so far you have found:

  • Products that confuse the heck out of you?
  • Cost a lot of money in terms of a franchise or similar model with some kind of ongoing fee?
  • No guarantee of any kind of success?
  • No kind of detailed back up for help?
  • Zero assistance with building your website?
  • Expensive add-ons?

A Business For Under $300 Per Year?

What if I said you could start your own online travel business for approx $300 dollars a year and you could build it yourself, would you be interested?

This is not a joke, I am genuinely serious.

Let me explain some more about having an online business and then you can compare if what you are researching comes up to scratch for the money you will be expected to pay.

Your Travel Business

What Makes A Successful Online Travel Business?

It only takes 4 processes to make a travel website successful and profitable but the problem is most people do them in the wrong order.

The 4 things are:

  • Content
  • Traffic
  • Pre-selling
  • Monetize

Let me explain a bit more about what I mean...

I am not talking here about Expedia and the monster online travel businesses, because they have a ton of money to get them to the top of the search engines and you or I will never compete with them for certain keywords.

They are a world apart from what you are offering and you don't want to be like them, in fact you want to be the exact opposite of them.

I am talking about your travel business online and how your speciality site can do really well on the internet and become successful in the top 1 percent of websites on the internet as measured by Alexa...

And I emphasise speciality site because you will have much greater success if you specialise rather than try to cover everywhere (assuming you put the required effort in to your business!)

Ideally choose 1 location, for example like the caribbean but narrow down to maybe 1 or 2 islands or specialise in a type of holiday like wedding destinations or walking holidays or whatever you find interesting.

People are much more likely to find your travel business if you narrow your field of competion.

Think of this way, if you want to visit the south of France, are you going to want to find a site that covers absolutely everything in general detail but doesn't give you much substance, or will you want a site that covers that part of France in much greater detail, created by someone who has an absolute passion for that area and can create pictures in your mind about the food and wine, the sunshine, the little villages to meander along to and so on.?.

Well for sure you will spend a lot more time on the second site, and you need to think along those lines too if you want a successful travel business on line.


On to the first part of your successful online travel business...

Your Travel Business


People searching the internet are generally looking primarily for content, so when they arrive at a site (and you want it to be your site) they want to find excellent content about the keyword or keyword phrase that they just typed in.

Let me use my own site as an example:

I am a visitor and typed in Cyprus Tourist Guide, I expect to find something about that phrase, so on my page I have written about what I think are the best available, in my opinion.

Click For Example Page

Although there are links to my amazon affiliate programme for the guides, I do offer useful information for the reader on that page.

If they choose to buy from my page that is good for me however, more importantly, they have found content that complies with their search, which is what they came for in the first instance, and you must first fulfill the content part of your site before any business starts to be successful.

The next important part to your travel business online is...

OnlineTravel Business


Without traffic, you don't have a business and that is it in a nutshell.

Traffic eqates to visitors to your website.

Putting content on your website will encourage traffic, the more quality content written around what people are searching for, the more traffic will arrive at your site, and the more traffic to your site, the more successful your site will be at the search engines and so you move up the rankings to the top spots and this is where you can be more successful than Expedia or Orbitz.

You can see how simple the equation is... BUT ... getting traffic to your website is the hardest part of the equation, but not so if you use the package I have for my travel business.

I started receiving visitors to my site from DAY ONE when the site went live.

The third part to your successful online travel business is...

My Travel Business


This I feel is the creative part of your site.

Now that you have visitors (traffic) to your site, the content part needs to be well written, in your own style and allows you to "pre-sell" to your warm and interested visitors.

You have already proved yourself to them by giving them content to read when they find you, and not just a bunch of links or pushing products in their face as soon as they arrive at your "front door".

When you pre-sell to someone it is like inviting them into your travel shop, letting them have a look round and flick through the brochures for a while, even several times.

They ask you questions, you show your extensive knowledge but don't preach or try to sell. They don't buy today, but a few weeks later they buy their holiday or car rental from you because they liked you and you gave them information they needed.

They may keep coming back several times to you before they buy but at least they know when they visit you, they can trust you and like you and you always make them feel welcome and never push them into anything they don't want.

Unlike the other travel agencies they called into, who tried to sell a holiday the minute they walked through the door, and who could not have cared less about small talk and chit chat.

They will miss out f you had a friend who might want a holiday too or the rest of your family who might have used them as well.

Treat people with respect and it will pay you back 100 fold in business, that is why I know your travel business will be successful.

Now on to the final part of your travel business

Your Travel Business


This process is normally the first thing that people do on their website.

Actually it should be the last...!

Think about it this way.. I am visiting your travel business website, what do you think I will do first, buy a holiday or spend time, over the course of several visits getting to know you and your company and what you have to offer, in order to decide if I should spend my money with you.

The answer of course is obvious and this is where many a new small business fails.

People buy from people and you want them to buy from YOU!

Your Travel Business

So What Next?

As I said, I am not trying to sell you anything but I think if you are Really, Really Serious about starting your travel business then I urge you to at least have a look here at what is on offer from this amazing company to see if it might be helpful for you.

It doesn't cost anything to look does it?

But before you do, list down what sort of things you would expect from your online travel business website provider and see if the competition is offering the same for under $300 dollars per year, you can build it yourself without any need for html skills to save on webmaster costs and you can belong to an amazing community who all have the same aim as you...

To build a successful business on line.

Take a look at the right hand column for lots of information you can download at no cost at all & read at your leisure to start the journey to your travel business


Successful Travel Websites that have succeeded in achieving the top 1 percent of websites on the internet.

The travel sites are towards the bottom of the page, you will need a few moments for all of the results to come up.

Can you see what I mean about building a successful online travel business, not just have a travel website.

Want To Take A Video Tour?

Were You Thinking Your Travel Business Could Be A Blog?

Here are the reasons why a website will always be better than a blog anyday of the week.

You see with a blog you cannot build a business, but the choice is yours, see what you think?

Blog Or Build A Website?

Word Press Or SBI?

Social Media For Your Business?

You can integrate all the social media into your site as well, Solo Build It is absolutely update with everything going on out there in cyberspace and there is specific video training for social media as well.

Nothing is left to chance, you will amaze everyone with the skills you learn and you will be at the cutting edge of the internet.

Good luck with your travel business.

If I can do it from scratch without any web building skills, then so can you.

But if you think...

I Prefer Someone To Build My Site...

No problem you can ask Solo Build It to do it for you.

They have a selection of packages and you choose the one you want, they give you a price then build your travel business website.

Want to know more about this service, visit this page for more information

Leave Your Travel Business To Return Home

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