Cyprus Wedding Documents
a run down of what is required from you

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Cyprus Wedding Documents - These notes are for British Passport Holders Only, but if you have a British Passport and a foreign birth certificate you will need to check to see what the rules are regarding your birth nationality.

All other passport holders please contact the Cyprus Embassy in your home country for up to date legal information.


If you want to get married in Cyprus, there are a few things you must make sure you are aware of in order to meet the criteria for a legal marriage that will be recognized in your home country.

You must bring the paperwork with you or you cannot get married, and no exceptions can be made if you forget anything.

If you are planning your own wedding here is a list of documents you will need to have and if you are using a planner they will advise you when they need it along with any contractual documents you will need to sign.


  • Full 10 Year Passport for bride and groom
  • Birth Certificate for bride and groom
  • 3 days residency completed in Cyprus (excludes your arrival day, weekends and public holidays)
  • If you have never been married

Bring a single status declaration and Certificate of no impediment from your solicitor

  • If you have been divorced

Bring your decree absolute

  • If you have been widowed

Bring the death certificate and original marriage certificate

  • If you have been adopted

Bring your adoption certificate

  • If you have changed your name

Bring your deed poll certificate, this is also required if you have reverted back to your maiden name after a divorce or widowed.

Minimum Age for Marriage In Cyprus

  • The minimum age for marriage is 18.
  • If the bride or groom are below this age an Affidavit or Statutory declaration must be stamped and signed by a solicitor and brought along for inspection.

Top TIp: Bring originals and several photocopies so you are fully prepared with all of your Cyprus wedding documents

FEES (at time of publication)

  • Church Wedding 650 Euros
  • Civil Wedding 281.92 Euros
  • Marriage License Fee 28.92 Euros

If you have a Catholic wedding you have to have both a church ceremony and a civil ceremony so don’t forget to include this in your budget.

Cyprus Wedding Documents Questions:

Who can be our witness

  • Anyone who is not related to you and you need two of them

Will our marriage certificate be in English

  • Yes

Do we need to provide a blood sample

  • No

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