Hotels In Paphos

Hotels In Paphos

Hotels in Paphos are numerous to say the least, and if you want the best deal you are going to have put in quite a bit of work..


I want to make your search just a little bit simpler by using a hotel aggregator which means you can search most of the hotels in Paphos in one sitting for the best price for the days you are searching for and you can choose to buy direct from the hotel or your favourite travel site.

Here are a few reasons why I think this is a great method and why I think you should consider using

  • They are a world leader in hotel price comparison
  • Their technology searches all of the best travel sites at once to find you the best/cheapest price
  • They offer genuine verified reviews
  • They cover hotel apartments as well as hotels
  • They offer the best daily rate available for a hotel
  • They offer guest ratings you will find useful
  • They will offer distance from hotel to centre of resort
  • You will see a map
  • You can see the hotel features
  • You can see how many reviews for each hotel


  • Its free to use of course
  • They are the technology behind skyscanner and the like
  • They are a socially responsible company
  • They offer rebates to teachers, students and conference attendees
  • They support a major charity
  • They are carbon neutral and environmentally friendly

The hotels in Paphos will be listed either alphabetically or by price, for example highest to lowest.

The comparison site will also allow you to search by using filters, so for example if you only want to look at 3 star hotels or only pay so much you can narrow down your choices.

You can choose the currency you want to pay in, or, what brand name hotel choice if you have a preference of where to stay in the hotels in Paphos.

You can also choose hotels by features so for example if you needed to have business facilities you tick that particular box.

You can also, if you know the name of the hotel, just put that into the search, to see if you can save some money.

I recommend you give it a go even if you think you have found the best price with your travel agent. You just might have found a winner with this search engine.

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Need To See Some Opinions On Hotels In Paphos

If you truly want to pick a great one why not see what others have to say who have stayed in resort and pick their brains about what are the best hotels in and around Paphos.

Just put in Paphos and ALL of the resort hotels will come up with information and they are listed with the most popular hotels first.

Looking For Flights To Go With Your Hotel?

I also recommend if you are booking your own package you might want to combine this search with one for flights as well.

I have researched this flight search engine and it really is pretty good.

With a bit of luck you will save yourself quite a bit.

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