The Cyprus Conflict Is A Fact Of Life If You Visit Cyprus

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You might want to do the people of this lovely island a service and read about the events that lead up to 1974 and the subsequent split before you visit.

Many words and pictures have been created around this topic and too numerous to mention so I am including some links to books and dvds available right now.

This page is not making a statement,taking sides or generally offering an opinion. It is merely offering the viewer some idea of what is available regarding the situation.

And there are 2 sides to every story so I will endeavour to provide information for all where possible.

If you have any links you would like me to point to, please do not hesitate to let me know, if useful to a viewer, using the get in touch page.

I think it is only right to provide at least some information about the conflict to visitors as it is a fact of life on this island whether you like it or not.

Most travel websites do not even acknowledge it but it is part of the fabric of life and you may want to just have some kind of understanding before you arrive as it will be a hot topic of conversation I can guarantee at some point during your stay with at least one cypriot.

Some Useful Books On The Subject

Some Videos On The Subject
Warning: Strong Language In The Comments

Greek & Turkish Cypriots Conversing Together

From A Child's Point Of View From Both Sides

Eleni Kostantinou Lives In 3 Worlds

She lives sandwiched between the Turkish military checkpoint and the British bases in Strovilia, Cyprus, refusing to leave her home 33 years ago during the war

A Heartbreaking Tale Of How Famagusta Used To Be 

A Recent Documentary

> Cyprus Conflict

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