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Wedding Insurance

Please note, although this page is geared towards British brides, the fundamentals of insurance will be the same in whatever country you are from.

I urge you to really consider buying  insurance for your special day because, you just never know what might be around the corner.

Someone may fall ill, or die, or have an accident and you may have to postpone your big day, how awful would it be if you lost all of your hard earned money for the sake of a few pounds on the insurance policy?

More and more couples are now planning a Cyprus destination weddings, jetting off to the sun for that dream beach wedding or having a winter themed wedding high up in the mountains of Troodos, so a careful choice of policy is essential.

You want the right one for the job and it takes a bit of effort to research.

Why Is It Important?

Organising a wedding abroad can be somewhat more complicated than organising a wedding in the UK.  

Whilst there are plenty of local wedding planners who can help you plan the day and ensure it runs smoothly, there are still plenty of things that can go wrong through no fault of your own and often because you are far away from the proceedings.

  •        A supplier might go bust
  •       The weather might be awful
  •        Someone in the wedding party may be bereaved before the big day
  •        Your parents might be taken ill
  •        You might lose your job
  •    Frankly any number of reasons       

And so on… 

Language difficulties may mean communication with suppliers could be trickier, and certainly sorting out any problems will be more difficult than it would be back home especially if you have to do it at a distance and you don’t necessarily have the same trading laws that support you back home. 

If you’re having your wedding in Cyprus, wedding insurance is perhaps then even more important.  

Most of the major suppliers of wedding insurance will cover you for weddings abroad, the same as they would for weddings in the United Kingdom. 

If you are from another country your major insurers will cover the same thing. 

You’ll be covered for major things such as cancellation or rearrangement due to illness right through to smaller issues such as damage to hired attire, loss of rings and so on. 

There are a number of wedding insurance providers in the UK, including big high street names. 

I recommend using a wedding comparison site with a list of all of the providers for a quick summary of the cover provided by each policy. 

If you do that you will be able to pick one that is right for your set of circumstances. 

I would strongly urge you not to pick the cheapest policy at first glance.

 You really, really need to read what is and what is not covered before making a decision to buy. 

Paying those few extra pounds could make such a difference to you if you needed to make a claim. 

Let’s be honest, no one likes to pay for insurance, but if you need it you will be so glad you did. 

Travel Insurance

Don’t forget…

Wedding insurance policies won’t cover the travel/honeymoon aspects of your wedding abroad.

Additionally you need a proper, separate travel insurance which you will more than likely purchase along with your flights.

Many of the major UK insurance companies, as well as smaller ones, can provide adequate travel insurance cover. 

Again I urge you, please do not pick the cheapest policy at a first glance, you need to read the policy thoroughly.

A wedding is a very special kind of holiday so you need to be sure your cover is sufficient for the event.

You don’t want to get all the way to Cyprus and then find you cannot fly home because of a problem that may arise just as you are leaving or half way through your honeymoon.

Travel Insurance and EHIC

As you’re having your wedding in Cyprus your wedding insurance will cover you should anything go wrong with the wedding itself, but you’ll still need the travel insurance to cover medical related issues whilst you’re away.

As you’re travelling within Europe, you should apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as this entitles you to some free medical treatment abroad if you are from the UK or the EU and living in UK.

Check out the website for eligibility criteria.

Remember, the EHIC is no substitute for travel insurance though it does cover things like accidental death, or having to be medically transferred back home.

What Is Covered By Wedding Insurance?

You will find that generally the following are covered as common themes but you must check your own document thoroughly.  cannot stress that point  enough, we all do it, especially when you complete it over the phone with a pushy sales person. Remember you do have some time, usually a couple of weeks to say the policy is not for you or you need additional cover.

As with most insurance policies, pre-existing circumstances which are known to you when you take the policy out are excluded

Cancellation and Expenses

Supposing there is an unexpected death in the family, or you lose your job or perhaps for some bizarre reason there will be snow in June in Paphos.

It is wise to be covered

Supplier Deposits

Supposing you fall foul of a supplier going into liquidation or bankruptcy, or they may have suffered a bereavement or illness before your wedding and cannot provide you with the services you have paid for. You just never know.

You should be able to recover a non-refundable deposit or costs you may incur if you have to re-arrange the event.

Wedding Clothes 

Well you are only going to take one wedding dress with you or one grooms suit. You may incur loss or damage beyond repair, imagine having to replace it all? 

 Wedding Photographs and Video/DVD

Of all the things about a wedding that could go wrong or you could suffer loss from, to my mind are the photographs and video either by unprofessionalism or faulty equipment, or anything else for that matter.

Pretty much a totally irreplaceable original part of your wedding day, however, you may need to have them taken again.

So if nothing else says wedding insurance is essential to you, please let this potential mishap make you think again.

Wedding Cars and Transport

If you need to find alternative transport for whatever reason


I am sorry to say, these days it is not uncommon for wedding gifts to be stolen either before or after the wedding, adding heartbreak to the proceedings. I can’t say it is common practice in Cyprus but once again you just never know.

Bear in mind your insurance probably will not cover gift vouchers, cash or cheques, you will need to check.

Wedding Rings 

Provides cover for loss or damage to the wedding rings, often for a short period before and after the wedding. 

How awful would that be, especially if you have had them specially made for each other.

Wedding Cake and Flowers

Covers you for the loss or damage to wedding cake and flowers. You never know, someone might miss the table and drop the cake or your wedding bouquet might get crushed or the button holes don’t arrive.

Public Liability

Essential in case a third party wants to make a claim against you and if you pay a bit more you can usually extend cover to your guests as well.

If Uncle Bob goes on the rampage after a few beers it is wise to be covered.

Personal Accident

Accidental death or permanent disablement should be included as a given in your policy. You may also have it in your travel insurance as well.

Professional Counselling

If someone is left at the altar this clause will be very useful if counselling is required.

Do note however, your wedding insurance policy except for the counselling cover does not pay out if either of you decide to call off the wedding. 

This is covered under what is known as a change of heart clause or condition and no insurer will ever release funds for this. 

Your suppliers will be expecting payment in full unless you can negotiate something with them.  

In Closing

So on that happy note, I know it seems quite a miserable topic and you are sure “it will never happen to you” please promise me you will give as much thought to purchasing your wedding insurance as you do to choosing your cake and clothes. 

I would hate for you to be left with a lot of problems and expense just because it was easier not to and because you didn't have the time. 

Please make the time. Promise? 

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