Wedding Ceremonies In Cyprus

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What type of ceremony you can have?

There are 3 types of wedding ceremonies.

A civil ceremony or if you prefer are religious service you can choose a Catholic or Anglican ceremony.

Civil Ceremonies

Civil weddings allow for a lot more flexibility when planning your day.

You have a huge choice of venues, suiting all tastes and budgets, from a local town hall, to hotel grounds, registered outdoor venues and in some resorts you can marry on a luxury yacht, a museum or even right on the beach.

Religious Ceremonies

Catholic weddings can take place in one of the many dedicated and beautiful churches around Cyprus BUT do remember just as in many other countries, if you have been divorced you cannot marry again in a Catholic ceremony.

This is not a ruling of Cyprus but by the Catholic Church.

Some hotels also offer a church in their ground where a local minister can be booked to conduct the religious part of the ceremony after attending the civil one. That way you can keep the whole thing in house if you want to, which is ideal if want an all inclusive style of event.

A special note about Catholic Weddings

Do also understand that if you have a Catholic Wedding Ceremony you must also have a civil ceremony before it and this must be taken into account at the planning stage when contemplating dates and don’t forget to allow for the extra cost involved.

Anglican Weddings

Along with Renewal of Vows and also Blessings if you have had a wedding elsewhere, Anglican weddings can be conducted at one of a number of churches or chapels across the island or take place in the grounds of certain very popular hotels as they often have their own purpose built chapel in their grounds. You or you wedding planner will need to book the minister to undertake the service at wherever you have chosen for it.

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