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Weather forecast Cyprus is essential because despite the bold claims by all tour operators and marketing people, Cyprus DOES NOT boast sun every day of the year.

Many many days yes, but every day.... no, that would be impossible.

It does even rain in August on the odd day, but to be fair once the summer starts in April you will have endless days of long summer sunshine until October and then the days become less predictable.

You can certainly plan outdoor events without worry as the weather forecast in Cyprus will usually be favourable.

Rather like the rest of the world Cyprus is subject to climate change. When we first went to Cyprus in the 1980's and then again in the 90's and lived there, rain during the summer was unheard of, you might get the odd sumer flash thunderstorm which is inevitable with such heat during the day but generally speaking you were still in your shorts until November. It got cooler at night but the days were lovely. I even remember being in shorts in February sometimes!

When we moved back to Cyprus at the beginning of 2000, the weather forecast in Cyprus was beginning to change and for the first time we noticed rain on the odd day during the summer. Not often but enough to make people notice and comment. That said, talking about the weather is what we brits do all the time isn't it? It is our favourite topic of conversation. But this was unusual even for the local people.

If you want to check the weather forecast for Cyprus you have a few options, here are 3 suggestions that we find useful and our favourite choice is actually the last one!

BBC Weather Forecast Cyprus On TV.

It also includes the rest of Europe, but Cyprus is mentioned

Click for TV Weather

If you prefer to have regular updates on weather forecast for Cyprus, you might want to get yourself an RSS feed from the BBC. This is piece of code that you set up on your home page with say Google or on your computer package. Look for something that will say add stuff or feeds and put the following code into it.

BBC RSS Feed For 3 Day Weather Forecast For Cyprus

You can click on the bit that says subscribe to this feed and will sit on your computer where you have a file for feeds or copy the top line in the browser in its entirety and past it into your google home page or whatever page you have where there is a facility for putting RSS feeds.

Then as the site updates you will see the updates as well. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and there is an explanation of what feeds are all about. Click on the link that says "Learn more about feeds".

Our number one choice though for seeking the weather forecast Cyprus is...


And why might that be you ask, well for us we needed to seek a more comprehensive weather forecast Cyprus.

If people were visiting is was nice to have a longer range weather forecast particularly if your guests don't have easy access to the internet.

This website has some great features:

  • Todays weather forecast Cyprus
  • Tomorrows weather forecast Cyprus
  • 10 Day weather forecast
  • Monthly weather forecast
  • Seasonal weather forecast
  • Almanac for historical weather forecasts

But not only that, some other great features included are...

  • You can change readings to Celcius or Fahrenheit
  • You can get the weather sent to your mobile phone
  • You can set up an RSS Feed on your computer for updates
  • You can get a printer friendly page to print your results

You can also check out...

  • The outdoor activity meter...Is the uv count too high?
  • The cloud situation
  • The local time

All in all a very comprehensive weather tool. When you click on the link you just need to go to the search box and input Paphos, or Limassol etc to find the weather forecast for that region.

Hope you find it useful too.

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