Destination Wedding -Why Have One?

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Why go to the trouble?

Imagine yourself as the star of a destination wedding, the wedding of your dreams, and you’ll know:

  • You’ll have an event in the most romantic setting you could desire — an exotic and foreign locale … a mountain hideaway … a warm, sandy beach, under a blue sky, where you’ll be caressed by Mediterranean breezes.
  • You’ll have an event tailored to your ideas, but where someone else does the planning, makes the arrangements, hires the hall, the caterers, the videographer and calms your nerves.
  • You’ll have an event with no stress, no family drama.

Why choose a destination wedding? Because you can look forward to a beautiful, stress-free wedding, and beautiful, everlasting memories.

You Can Choose The Setting of Your Dreams

Where does your wedding fantasy take you?

  • A modern all inclusive resort?
  • A beach wedding?
  • A traditional location with stone buildings and local food?
  • To a a cool mountain resort in Troodos
  • A yacht?

Choose your dream for your destination wedding: the world is your altar

You Can Tailor the Event to Your Own Preferences.

While formal weddings hold meaning for many couples, linking them to the traditions of their ancestors and culture, others want the experience to be unique, with a ceremony and location that reflect their personality and taste.

But the bridal couple may find that accommodating both families’ ideas can be a problem, as each set of parents will have their own set of expectations.

  • The bride’s family may be concerned about expense and prefer a small, simple wedding in the bride’s hometown, with ceremony in the local church and reception in the church hall.
  • The groom’s parents may prefer a site closer to their location. Perhaps most guests are from the area, and they do not want to travel.

Why choose a destination wedding? Because a wedding is, first and foremost, about the two people getting married — and a destination wedding keeps the focus where it belongs.

You’re Free to Design Your Own Ceremony.

Because you can make the rules!

  • You can wear a sun dress or shorts — even a bikini — and go barefoot.
  • You can carry jasmine and hire a bouzouki player or bagpiper.
  • You can finish your wedding day by sharing a champagne toast with your new mate, alone, on your balcony, or in your jacuzzi at sunset.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

You can hand the stress over to someone else!

Honeymoon-happy resorts all over Cyprus have made it easy and appealing to wed on-site. Many have full-time wedding coordinators on staff who will take the work off your hands.

  • They are familiar with local marriage license requirements and will guide you through the process and the paperwork.
  • They offer wedding packages that take care of all your ceremony essentials — photographer, cake, minister, etc.
  • You step off the plane, sign the papers — and they take care of the rest.

If your wedding plans don’t include a resort, you can hire a local expert who specializes in events for visitors to your destination: simply contact a wedding planner in the town where you plan to wed.

The Cyprus Tourist board is jumping on the bandwagon, offering brochures listing ceremony sites and local wedding vendors in their area.

Even the Cyprus government is encouraging people to attract to-be-weds, the income is excellent for the island.

Why choose a destination wedding? Instead of the headaches of planning, the emotional stress of competing demands, the exhaustion of dealing with endless details, you can let someone else do the planning. You can enjoy yourself and look forward to a worry-free wedding.

Give it some though, you may find it costs less than you imagine and easier to organise than you may think...

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