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Self Catering Cyprus is a brilliant option if you need or want to have complete freedom during your holiday in Cyprus.

Instead of using a hotel, think about the self catering option. You will have:

  • Value For Money
  • Personal Service From The Owner
  • More Space
  • Great Flexibility
  • You Can Tailor Your Stay To Your Own Personal Needs

Let me explain what I mean in more detail.

Value For Money

Compared to a hotel room, which is just that, a room, for the same per night cost you could have a sitting room, kitchen, bathroom of course, seperate bedroom and more than likely at least a balcony or terrace to sit out on.

Personal Service From The Owner

This is the nice part about self catering, particularly if you choose to rent from the owner as opposed to using a tour operator. You can get to know each other, share information and in some cases become friends. This happened to us, we went online, booked and apartment in Ayia Napa one weekend, the brother of the owner was looking after the place, we met to get the key and have been friends ever since.

Greater Flexbility

You can choose how many rooms you have, you sometimes have more choice about accommodation. For example in Pissouri Village there is only 1 hotel to choose but there are many, many self catering Cyprus options to choose. In the village, by the sea, and all points in between.

You Can Tailor Your Holiday

This is probably the best part of self catering. The options is can provide, for example, if you need to take the dog, you probably can't bring your pooch to a hotel. If you have special needs you may get more flexibility, and a lot of self catering properties offer things such as disabled friendly, child centric, pets allowed as mentioned before.

Also it can be more personal. If you are on your honeymoon, you don't necessarily want to share your meals with 250 others each night. Self catering affords privacy and the opportunity to be just the 2 of you on your honeymoon in Cyprus.

So, what options do we have for self catering in Cyprus?

Well quite a few really, but only have 2 main options how to locate self catering in Cyprus.

Using A Tour Operator

If you use one of the major tour operators you may have the following advantages among others, depending on what accommodation you choose from the brochure.

Many self catering options now are offered in the middle of complexes as an option to choose along with, b & b or all inclusive on the same site. This is especially true for the larger, family oriented accommodation offered in Cyprus.

This list is not exhaustive, it just gives you an idea of some of the advantages of self catering Cyprus:

  • Good quality accommodation
  • Regularly Inspected
  • Meet Specific European Standards
  • Have A Rep
  • Great Marketing - ie brochure and website
  • Babysitting Facilities
  • Safekeeping Facilities
  • Sports Facilities
  • Health Spa
  • Entertainment
  • Abta bonded & Atol protected

On the other hand the some of the disadvantages are:

You don't get flexible dates for travel. Tour operators have slots on specific days of the week so you are tied to them.

First Choice for example fly to Cyprus on Sunday & Wednesday. So not ideal if you work all week and want to leave on Saturday and not waste the first day of your weekend.

That said, your other method available is:

Private Letting

You go on line search for holiday lettings and you are greeted with several websites that provide a huge choice in the self catering Cyprus bracket.

Here you could:

  • Get a lot more apartments and villas to look at
  • Make more flexible decisions
  • Don't necessarily have to book it by 1 Jan to be guaranteed your holiday
  • May be able to negotiate a discount with the owner if low on bookings
  • Leave on a day more suited to your needs

There are other ways to find self catering cyprus accommodation such as word of mouth, internet forums and so, but you will have the most choice available if you follow these two routes.

Are you ready to search for your Cyprus holiday?

Put in Cyprus in the box and you will have access to over 1500 self catering properties.

Do You Need To Check For A Flight?

If you are booking your self catering accommodation without a package, you can check for the best deal on flights here

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