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Cyprus Airports

Getting to Cyprus, will be generally by air, unless you are on a cruise ship, or arrive from Greece by boat and disembark at the port in Limassol.

You arrive in the north by boat or air from Turkey, but for the minute there is only information regarding an arrival in the southern part of the island.

Where Are The Airports?

There are 3 airports in Cyprus and 2 of them are in the south (the republic of Cyprus). 1 other is in the north and is called Ercan, and you can only arrive from Turkey, you cannot fly directly from any other country.

Covering the eastern end of the Island and dealing mostly with international scheduled flights is Larnaca Airport

And covering the western end of the island and mostly chartered flights for tour companies is Paphos Airport

What Flights Come To The Island?

You can check out the local national carrier, Cyprus Airways if you want to take a scheduled flight with them but many countries have their national airlines flying into Larnaca.

If you are interested in finding out more information you can visit the carriers website here: Cyprus Airways

If you are looking for a list of scheduled flights to use for getting to Cyprus please visit: Scheduled Flights

What About Cheap Flights?

If you want to look for a cheaper option, you can visit a very good search engine designed specifically to locate the cheapest flight to Cyprus for the dates you are looking for.

You can search for both UK flights to Cyprus and other airlines where you can pay in your own currency.

In fact there are 2 options with 2 different booking engines.

So if you are coming from Tokyo or Taiwan, or Sydney or Sweden, you can search for a flight to suit you.

You will most likely have to fly to Larnaca but if you are staying in Paphos is is no more than 1.5 hours away on a very good motorway network, so you will be there in no time.

To locate the best flight for you visit Cheap Cyprus Flights or visit the second booking engine here

You Mentioned A Port?

Limassol has the only port for freight and passengers so if you come by ship or want to leave by ship you have to go there. You can travel to Greece, some of the larger Islands like Crete & Rhodes and travel to Haifa in Israel as well and Port Said and Alexandria in Egypt.

Note: You cannot travel to Cyprus with a car from Greece or Italy at the current time, you can only be a foot passenger.

It has been like it for some time and looks set to continue for the future.

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