Cyprus Airways Is The National Airline For The Island

Cyprus Airways

Cyprus Airways is the national airline of the island

It has a very distinctive logo that you will see if you are at a european or middle eastern airport.

Here is some history about the airline and links to the carriers website.

A Brief History

In September 1947 the airline came into being and was a mixed venture between the Cyprus Government and the then British European Airways, and the company starting flying in 1948.

After 3 years, the airline had a fleet of 6 DC-3 aircraft, flying on various regional routes from Nicosia International Airport..

In September, 1957, all aircraft were sold, and the company decided to enter a 5 year agreement with BEA to operate services on its behalf.

Starting in late January, 1958, BEA took over all services, and two years later, de Havilland Comet 4b were introduced on the Nicosia, Athens, Rome, London route.

In 1969, the first Hawker Siddeley Trident joined the Cypriot fleet.

During the Turkish invasion in 1974, two of the five Trident jets belonging to the carrier were damaged beyond repair.

Limited operations from Larnaca were restarted in early February, 1975.

In 1992, the national carrier established a wholly-owned charter subsidiary called Eurocypria Airlines, and a decade later, it founded Hellas Jet in Athens, Greece.

After holding 75% of Hellas Jet for almost 3 years, Cyprus Airways sold all but 24% of it to Air Miles in 2005.

In March, 2007, the airline had 1,220 employees.

Cyprus national airline is owned by the Government of Cyprus (almost 70%) and various private shareholders.

No fatal accidents involving Cyprus Aircraft have been recorded so far.

Cyprus Airways Logo

What Aircraft Do They Have In The Fleet?

There are 3 main types of aircraft in the fleet:

  • Airbus 319
  • Airbus 320
  • Airbus 330

If you want to find out more about the planes and what the seating arrangements are for each one then visit this page about the fleet

What Destinations Do They Fly To?

They fly from Cyprus to:

  • Europe
  • The Middle East
  • Gulf States

If you want to fly to America or Australia or the Far East or further afield you will need to fly to a major hub and take a connecting flight from there.

Destinations such as Moscow fall under the european heading and of course you cannot fly to Turkey with Cyprus Airways for obvious reasons.

What Language Can I Get Information In?

The Cyprus Airways site can be translated into:

  • English
  • Greek
  • German
  • French

How Can I Access Cyprus Airways?

They have a modern website and you can us it to:

Book Tickets

Check In

Check Arrivals & Departures

View Your Booking

Use Your Smartphone

Access The Summer Time Table

Anything Else I Need To Know?

There is a frequent flyer programme called Sunmiles

If you want to know about:

  • Business Class
  • Economy Class
  • Special Meals
  • Special Assistance
  • Group Travel

then visit the Pre Flight Services Page

Anything about In Flight Services?

Plenty of information available about:

  • Dining onboard
  • In Flight Magazine
  • Health Tips
  • In Flight Entertainment
  • Shopping

can be found on the In Flight Services Page

Cyprus Airways Logo

Traveller Services & Customer Care

  • Terminals
  • Executive Lounge
  • Check In
  • Special Assistance
  • Childrens Travel
  • Pet Travel
  • Baggage Allowance
  • What You Can Carry etc

Information relating to the above services are listed under Travelers Services


  • Contact Us Page
  • Reservation Offices
  • Conditions Of Online Sales
  • Contract Of Carriage
  • Service Committment
  • Passenger Rights
  • Privacy Policy
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Useful information can be found at Customer Care

You Can Now Book A Flight Via FACEBOOK

If you want to be really upto date with social media you can now book your flight through the airlines FACEBOOK page.

Cyprus Airways Facebook Page

Enjoy Your Flight

Cyprus Airways Logo

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