Pissouri Restaurants

Pissouri Restaurants

There are a lot of Pissouri restaurants considering the size of the village but it is spread over quite a large area and you have upper Pissouri (Pano) and lower Pissouri (Kato)so you won't find them all in the same street.

Antonis Kebab (the front entrance shown in above photograph) is by the square.

If you want a good kebab sandwich, here is the place to go, you can sit outside, you will most probably be joined by some of the local men from the Coffee shop next door.

They will often be getting stuff off the menu like barbecued sparrow or mushrooms.

Be advised though, drinks especially spirits are expensive here, better off sticking to beer.

In The Upper Village

The square is the centre of attraction for night time dining. People tend to go beachside during the day for breakfast and lunch.

In summer time this area, particularly on Wednesday, the local cyprus night you will find you can't move for people spilling out of the restaurants to listen to the music and see the dancing.

Pissouri Square Tavern

Pissouri Tavern

Pissouri Tavern 2

Who are they?

Situated at Pissouri's central square, next to the only water fountain of the village, Pissouri Square Tavern is owned and managed by Mr Aristos Foutas, a local man from the village

What Do They Serve?

Serving traditional Cypriot food, cooked mainly on real wood charcoal, Pissouri Square Tavern is an old-style family place that combines local cuisine with cultural atmosphere in a unique ‘public realm’.

What Do They Say About Themselves

Priding itself as one of the last Taverns that manage to keep their genuine character despite the new global intercultural trend, Pissouri Square Tavern offers a variety of traditional meals, meat meze, a range of cold and hot starters and main courses, illustrating its uniqueness for its reliability, friendliness, local character and customer orientation.

Using nothing but fresh local raw material and adding lots of hardwork, the result can only be delicious!

Traditional Style The tavern’s interior contains a variety of old and valuable farming tools hanging from the ceiling thus giving the impression of a small historical museum. A lot of agricultural objects are bolted on the walls emphasizing and reminding the way people were living and working in the past.

The handmade wooden chairs and tables enhance even more the traditional environment.

Contact Details

Tel: 00357 25 22 15 79

Vraka Taverna

Vraka Tavern Pissouri

Who Are They?

Run by Haris Stylianides, son of the original owner when it was just a coffee shop in 1983.

What Do They Serve?

Authentic local food with that something extra special

What Do They Say About Themselves?

"In summer you can enjoy the lively Wednesday Cyprus Night from a good vantage point, somewhat removed from the main crush. This is a really pleasant place to take summer visitors who want to see the ‘real’ Cyprus, but not be stuck in a standard taverna"

Contact Details

Tel: 00357 25 22 19 40

The Hideaway

I used to go to this taverna when you could drive right through the centre of Pissouri, in the old days, and I am sure it used to be called the Lemon Tree?

It is rightly called the hideaway because it was tucked away in a courtyard, yet almost in the central square.

Very good local food and highly regarded in the village, often busy and if you want authentic cyprus surroundings, you cannot beat going to this Pissouri restaurant.

Contact Details

Tel: 00357 25 22 23 10 or mobile 00357 99 44 39 88

The Bunch Of Grapes

Bunch Of Grapes Pissouri

The Bunch Of Grapes Restaurant has been open in the village for what seems like forever, but actually it was 1976 when their gates first opened to the public.

This restaurant was one of the reasons everyone came to Pissouri in the first place and what brought me and countless others 25 years ago. It was a real cyprus experience and it was so busy you had to book well in advance and everybody came at the weekend.

As you head through the bouganvillea covered entrance you find your self in a wonderful courtyard setting with a warm and welcoming local feel to it.

Pissouri Bunch Of Grapes

The Bunch of Grapes Inn provides with its chef an extensive menu, which features a blend of traditional Cypriot dishes with the best of British and French cuisine.

Their Sunday lunches and special event menus are justly renowned all over the island. Booking is recommended at the weekend.

Bunch Of Grapes Accommodation

Owned by Stavros and Lia, this restaurant also boasts 11 bedrooms around the courtyard for simple but comfortable accommodation.

Pissouri Bunch Of Grapes

Very busy in the summer time, and open during winter but obviously you eat indoors, where there is a lovely welcoming open fire.

Bunch Of Grapes Inn

It is a very nice setting for photographs and maybe even wedding photographs if you are getting married in Cyprus.

It would be a lovely venue for a very small intimate affair around the courtyard after the ceremony.

Contact Details

Tel: 00357 25 22 12 75

The Hill View Restaurant

Hillview Restaurant Pissouri

This a very popular restaurant. So called Hill View because they are set on a hill and there is a magnificent view from the terrace.

This is the place to go for a special occasion. You won't find taverna food here, nore restaurant style and bit more expensive.

They also now provide some accommodation as well and they have lots of good reviews on trip advisor.

They are branching out into weddings and it is a popular venue because of the views which are spectacular from the restaurant and the bedrooms.

Closed on a Monday...

Contact Details

Tel: 00357 25 22 19 72

The Two Friends Taverna

Pissouri Restaurants

An excellent restaurant on the edge of the village.

If you come into the village from the main highway, going up the hill, you will make a left turn as you wind your way up the road, the restaurant is signposted.

You really shouldn't miss it, if you are coming up from the beach road, you need to head out of the village as though you are going for the highway and it is a turning on the right, before you head down the hill past the newly developed community centre on the right.

What Do They Do?

A good local menu and a full range of wines and spirits.

We have heard nothing but great reviews about this restaurant and judging by the full car park much of the time, especially evenings and weekends they must be doing something right.

The Best Thing Is...

Marvellous views across the countryside towards the east and in the evening for the few days after a full moon, watch the moon rise as you eat.

Contact Details

Tel: 00357 25 22 25 27

The Moonlight Taverna

Moonlight Taverna Pissouri

We know this one fairly well, as we have friends who live virtually next door! It is called the Moonlight Taverna because at the right time, you will see the most fantastic moon if you sit outside during the summer.

What Do They Do?

A traditional taverna menu, good food and good service - their huge pork chops are excellent and the best in Pissouri, allegedly.

Run by Marios, who for his day job he is a goat farmer, and Antonious, who with his wife owns the cake shop.

In the winter eat inside, in the summer outside under the moon and the stars.

Where Is It?

To find it, walk out of the village square, past the Hideaway and the two pubs, carry straight on, onto the road, turn right, and it is on your right.

Contact Details

Tel: 00357 25 22 25 27

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