Pissouri Village

Pissouri was written about in the very early eighties, in a book of fiction by veteran british tv broadcaster Gordon Honeycombe.

The book is called The Edge Of Heaven

The text was potentially going to be made into a film in 2004 when the broadcaster visited the island to meet a production team but nothing seems to have come of it.

So we wait and hope.

Pissouri Access To Village

The Village Motorway Entrance/Exit

The area has 2 distinct parts to it...

  • The Village
  • The Beach

If you arrive and turn off the main highway you will be faced with the sign above and you can take your pick.

Do you want the village or do you want the beach?

Pissouri Jetty

Sign For Jetty/Beach Road

If you want the beach you will turn left at the sign from the highway and travel down the road until you meet this sign post saying P Jetty and K.Pissouri.

Turn right here and head for the beach, once upon a time there used to be a jetty, but not for many years.


The K means Kato (pronounced something either like cato or gaddo) depending on who you speak with.

This word means lower, and you will see it all over the island. You will probably see the opposite name Pano in a few places, which means upper.

About The Lower Area (Kato Pissouri)

Pissouri Beach

View Down To The Beach - Gorgeous!

The Beach/Bay Area

This area is the hub for the holidaymaker.

The beach, tavernas, apartments and a shop to buy a postcard and suntan cream and a supermarket if you want to buy your own lunch.

This area has changed quite dramatically over the years, more building is prevalent here.. more villas have been built on land that used to grow grapevines, the restaurants have been upgraded and it generally has a more polished appearance.

The only negative in this area to appear is the charging for car parking. You could just park in the big area by the restaurants for free for years.

Guess the local municipality has get revenue from somewhere and it had to happen sometimes.

Try to avoid the area during the summer on Sunday.. like most places it gets really, really busy with local families and you will see cars parked all over the place.

Pissouri Beach Car Park

View Of Sea From Car Park

Want To Have Some Lunch?

When you get hungry you might want to check out these delicious restaurants in the bay area.

Pissouri Restaurants By The Beach

About The Upper Village Area (Pano Pissouri)

Pissouri Village Square

Photo Credit: David Richmond

The Village

This village is set around a small square (although not exactly a square shape!)

In the summertime, tables and chairs are set outside a few local tavernas and on a Wednesday night especially, the village comes alive for Cyprus Night.

You will experience some great local music and dancing and plenty of local food and wine.

It is a really great introduction the real cyprus.

Ready For Dining In The Evening?

While you are up in the village, it will be a great opportunity for you to discover the the real cyprus experience.

A balmy evening, a checked tablecloth, the smell of charcoal grill and a warm friendly smile.

All you need now is that perfect glass of wine and you will be happy to be in Cyprus.

For Your Dining Pleasure

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