swimming in the sea?

is the sea warm enough to swim in in October? which part of Cyprus should we be looking at for small sandy beaches with safe swimming?

Jackies Reply: You can swim in the sea in October, but bear in mind, the temperature will be relative to where you live normally and are travelling from....

If you are coming from colder climes, it will seem warm, if you are visiting from Gulf States for example, it might not seem warm enough... but we have been swimming in November and it was obviously not the same as August... but warmer than the North Sea.....!

All beaches are safe for swimming, Cyprus is not tidal..

Best beaches are in Ayia Napa/Protoras end of the island on the East Coast..but do you mind travelling to a beach by car or do you want one on the doorstep?

Do you have children in the party?

All hotels have beaches...

If you want a small bay, Konnos Bay is on the east coast...between Ayia Napa and Protoras... is nice and small..

There isn't really a part of Cyprus with too many small sandy beaches..it is not like Greece with lots of little coves..

Wherever you go, you won't be crowded in October..

If you can give me some more details about what kind of holiday you are having and who is in the party I could probably be even more specific..

I have a page about Beaches.... https://www.the-real-cyprus.com/beaches-in-cyprus.html

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