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Kolossi Village

Kolossi village is a place very close to our hearts. We lived there for a number of years, made friends, rented a house, restored a house and really got into the village way of life.

Where Is It?

Located west of Limassol, the illage was the famed home to Richard the Lionheart, he lived at the local castle.

The Official Kolossi Village Video

To illustrate just a tiny part of the village, here is a video below where someone uploaded to Youtube of their drive through the outside edge of the village from the old Ypsonas Rd through to the Castle.

A quick drive through the old part of Kolossi village

Some interesting facts about Kolossi village and a bit more of the village filmed from the battlements of the Castle

Anything Else To See After The Castle?

Kolossi Village Castle Mike

Well, once you have visited the castle and the sugar cane factory next door and learned all about Richard The Lionheart, the Order Of St John and the Knights Templar you might want to have a little look round the village.

As you leave the castle and stand with it on your left, you can take a 2 minute walk into the village.

Not very far at all.

Kolossi Village is very quiet, you won't see hustling and bustling and lots of people, but those you do see will be polite and friendly towards visitors.

They are used to many tourists visiting during the summer to their famous castle.

The first video you see above is the route I am talking about in reverse. So it starts from the main road to the castle, but you will be walking from the castle to the main road.

Useful to make note of and then you know you will be travelling in the right direction.

Ayios Eustasios Church Kolossi

As you leave the castle area you will first find:

The church of Agios Efstathios was built in the 12th century, although important repairs and conversions have been done to it during the middle of the 15th century.

It seems that it was used by the knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitallers) -owners of the castle nearby -because the coat of arms of their Grand Commander, Louis-de-Magnac, was still extant upon the arch of the church until 1930. The same coat of arms exists on various point of the castle. Indeed, it is probable that the same knights -because of the military status of the saint and his Latin descent -gave the name of St. Efstathios to the Byzantine church that pre-existed.

Words in italics adapted from kolossi.org

Apostolos Loucas Church Kolossi

There is a nice church called Apostolos Loucas and every October there is a fair over a weekend dedicated to the local village saint.

The doors may be open if you are lucky but if not you can still sit down outside and have a few peaceful moments of contemplation.

Useful if you have had a heavy day sightseeing and your head is full of history.

There is a cafe opposite, owned by the parents of Pambos who has the village shop just around the corner from both the church and the coffee shop. Years ago it used to be the outdoor cinema for kolossi village.

Very sadly his father recently died but we can still see his lovely warm face smiling at us and greeting us as we went about the village.


If it is open, pop in for a cyprus coffee and get a taste of some local village life. Some of the village elders congregate here for a coffee and a bit of a chat and a game of tavli (backgammon).

This is one of 3 coffee shops in the old village.

Ayios Andronicos Church Kolossi There is another small stone church nearby which is nice for a photograph but you probably won't be able to get in.

The Church of Agios Andronicos is located at the centre of the village. It was built in the 13th century and was the community's main church for quite a few years.

Reconditioning, reparation, and preservation of the temple was done by the Church Committee of Apostle Luke in collaboration with the Antiquities Department.

The veneer was taken off and the stone, with which the church is made, was maintained. Rare frescoes were discovered inside the temple and they were maintained. These frescoes are excellent samples of hagiography.

Words in italics adapted from kolossi.org

Panagia Tamana Church Kolossi

And if that isn't enough you will also find a fourth church as you are leaving Kolossi village. This one is painted white and very modern.

The small church of "Panagia tou Tamana" is located at the centre of the community and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It took its name from the place-name of the region, which is called "Tamanas".

The Church Committee of Apostle Luke maintained the small church during the years 2000-2003 and it has now started the creation of frescoes. The expenses for the frescoes are covered by the donations of the faithful.

The country church of "Panagia tou Tamana" celebrates on the 8th of September, the birthday of the Virgin Mary.

Words in italics adapted from kolossi.org

Photo Credits: Constantinos Phillipou

Thank you to Constantinos for the photographs of the churches in Kolossi village.

I Am Hungry Now.. What Shall I Do?

If you continue your walk out of the old side of the village, past the school on one side and the little bank on the other you will meet the main road.

Turn right here and head for the shops.

There are 2 large bakeries and 1 small one, a pizza place and a larger more trendy cafe style place on the corner.

Ask anyone where the "old kolossi steak house" was and you will be directed the the cafe bar.

You can buy a drink and a snack anytime during the day.

Our preference for a sandwich is the bakery next to the grapevines. Run by a lovely young family who live behind the shop.

The fresh rolls are gorgeous and you can buy small pastries by weight and ready made sandwiches

For sweet treats it has to be Paniyiotos Sweet Corner across the road. Run by the most delightful family, they will make you a sandwich to order. Halloumi and bacon is our favourite.

You can sit outside the shop and have a coffee while you while away your time and decide what you are going to do for the rest of the day.

Sometimes Pani's family will be there watching him working making his delicious cakes and pastries.

His freshly made macaroons are to die for. Simply gorgeous!

Pani is also a bit of classic car man and you will often seen his pride and joy outside the shop.

What About During The Evening?

Kolossi Village Leo Shop

If you are around Kolossi Village in the evening, say on your way back from Curium (Kourion) about 6.30 pm ish.. it would be a good time to visit Leontis or Leo for short.

He owns this little restaurant and take away.

You will find him located on the way out of the village to Ypsonas village on the old road.

Right next to Patras Cars and the tyre shop.

Kossie Village Leo Pork Chop

He has some of the biggest and best pork chops in the area.

As you can see they are from a very large pig!

Leo is a charcoal grill expert and his chops have never failed and the chips that come with it and the salad are superb.

You can also have lamb chops, sheftalia or chicken and he does a great kebab sandwich if you fancy just a take away.

Sometimes on a Friday night he will light up the kleftico oven outside the shop and make the long slow cooked lamb dish (kleftico) and maybe some roast potatoes too.

Dont miss it if you get the opportunity.

Kolossi Village Galadia and Phillipous

If you are in a hurry and want something quick, across the road from Leo and opposite the chinese take away you will spot Galadia and Phillipous.

People we know and love, they have recently started up a takeaway service for local kebab food but it you want to stay and eat there is a table and chairs to sit on.

They are lovely people and will welcome you with open arms.

Tell them Michael and Jackie sent you.

English is not their first language but you will certainly be able to have a bit of a conversation with them.

They are very reasonably priced as well.

If you would like to visit the official website for the village for further information please go to kolossi.org.

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