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Cyprus Property Buyer Wisdom

There are many things take into consideration before you become a cyprus property buyer:

  • What to buy
  • Where To Buy
  • Resident/None Resident
  • Tax Issues
  • And so on

But the number one rule is:

Get yourself an independent lawyer, don't use one connected to your developer, a family friend of the vendor, or the next door neighbours cousin twice removed.

Andrew Winter from TV's SELLING HOUSES, has captured perfectly what the problems are in the video below:

Mike and I had a wonderful property buying experience and did not encounter any problems that others have faced.

We were lucky, the only time we had a problem, sorry to say was when any "british tradespeople" got involved, on one or two occasions.

Just because they speak your language does not make them better than a cypriot. We used 95% cypriot labour and their work was excellent.

Please do take care and read as much as you can, go to forums and ask questions, lots of them and take your time.

Want Some Free Cyprus Property Buyer Information?

Listen to my recommendation of where to start your research if you are looking to buy a home on the island, it could save you hours of frustration and potential heartache.

This website is the number one choice for expats who need advice, it is fair, impartial and you will get just the information you need from someone on the island.

He has provided his opinion for the mainstream media in UK, written a detailed book about the subject and has the ear of the politicians on the island about the subject of title deeds and the ongoing debacle surrounding the issue of them.

Just click on the podcast below, it only lasts a couple of minutes...

Cyprus Property Buyers Introduction (mp3)

For your free Cyprus Buying Guide from Nigel, please visit his website today For Your Free Guide

Downloadable PDF

You can also here for a very useful downloadable PDF, Cyprus Golden Property Commandements,available for you to read now at no cost.

Golden Property Commandments

North Cyprus Property Problems

It is strongly recommended you do not buy property in the north of cyprus. There are so many land issues, you could seriously get caught out. You may be purchasing land or property on land that still belongs to a greek cypriot. You will see in the south of the island that land belonging to turkish cypriot families has not been developed.

A further example of looking after turkish cypriot property is in the village of Avdimou in the Limassol district. Greek families live in the houses, and there have been grants from the government for repair but no-one is allowed to own a turkish cypriot property or piece of land.

Not only that, for property buyers in the north, there are allegedly issues with developers from the Turkish mainland, duping foreign customers into parting with thousands of pounds and then disappearing with the money,

You hand over money to start the build, which commences but the second and third stage never takes place.

I am by no means an alarmist, and sometimes don't always believe what I read in the papers but I do feel strongly there is definately a reason for "buyer beware" in this situation.

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