Is It Possible To Get A Really Good Map Of Cyprus?

Map Of Cyprus

Reasonable map of Cyprus yes but really good, well the answer is no, not really and the reason is simple. It is because there has been so much change on the island, it is difficult to keep up with it, and some of the changes have not yet been documented but you can get yourself a reasonable map of cyprus and they vary from free to a few pounds to buy.

FREE Maps Cyprus

The simplest way to get yourself a free map is to get in touch with the local tourist office CTO (Cyprus Tourism Organisation) as they are known, and you will find them both in Cyprus and at CTO/Embassy offices abroad

They will provide maps cyprus free of charge at your request, and they have a general visitors one which covers the whole island and they will also send you one for each of the major districts, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Nicosia and Famagusta if you ask for them. The most recent revision of the visitors map is from May 2007, but let me know if you get a more recent one and I will publish the date here.

The local CTO in UK can be contacted:

Cyprus Tourism Organisation

17 Hanover Street



Tel: +44 (0) 20 7569 8800

Fax: +44 (0) 20 7499 4935

Email - Click Here To Send Email To CTO

If you are from another country I am sure if you email them they will put you in touch with a more local office to you.

My experience has been to phone them on one day and they send you the information by first class post and it usually arrives the next day in UK but of course it depends on what time of year it is. You might have to wait a bit longer if it is christmas post season!


The scale of these maps are

1:350000 for the visitors map & 1:700000 for the town maps


You can go to the website for the Ministry For The Interior in Cyprus and go into the Department Of Lands & Surveys and they provide the following downloadable maps. They may take quite a while (be warned) and you would have to print to an A3 printer or larger to make them useable I think but very useful as an iterim measure for looking at on your pc if you need to give yourself a brief overview of an area.


Limassol Area Limassol Town Centre


Paphos Area Paphos Town Centre


Larnaca Area Larnaca Town Centre


Nicosia Tourist Map

Here is a great link below to a city map for Nicosia with most of the sightseeing hotspots listed. It is courtesy of Planetware.

Nicosia City Map

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa Area Ayia Napa Town Centre

Protoras & Paralimni

Protoras Area Paralimni Area

Troodos Mountain Region - East & West

Troodos Eastern Side Troodos Western Side

The Most Popular Map In Cyprus is:

The Visitors Map Of Cyprus

Buying A Map For Cyprus

If you need or want to buy a map of cyprus I recommend the following:

Selas Publications Limited

A local company on the island, in Nicosia who produce some very good quality maps. Their contact details can be found on the website and they will post maps worldwide.

If you email them they will advise you where is the nearest outlet to your accommodation they sell their maps and tourist guides on the island if you want to purchase them when you get here.

Contact Christina Karouzi Hadjicosti at the link above for further information.

The Insight Guide

This one isnt too bad either.

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