Angloinfo Cyprus

Angloinfo Cyprus

Angloinfo Cyprus is about life in english, in Cyprus.

They have a thriving website for people who speak english to visit and gain useful information and insight regarding:

  • Finding a place to live
  • Putting your children through school
  • Moving to Cyprus
  • Living In Cyprus
  • How to organise your life when you get there
  • How to organise your life when you want to leave the island
  • You can buy a house
  • You can sell a house
  • You can rent a place
  • You can ask where to buy a dog
  • You can find a job
  • You can make friends
  • You can ask just about anything really...!

Angloinfo in Cyprus is one a number of franchises around the world who provide useful and pertinent information in english to a local expat population.

From Their Website...

AngloINFO is for anyone who speaks English - whether as a first language or not - who needs information or support on living in a region. Attention to its core brand values - clarity, reliability and relevance – has made it an essential tool.

Each Franchise Website includes:

  • The AngloFILE business directory, a comprehensive directory of English-speaking businesses offering services within a local region
  • A clear, concise and detailed local reference library of INFOrmation Pages on the essential issues that an expatriate needs to understand
  • Local classified advertisements for private individuals and businesses
  • Active and tightly-managed local discussions, allowing the community to share ideas, share support and exchange experiences
  • A number of additional services including News, Weather and a comprehensive What's On Guide

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