Visiting Cyprus?

Don't wait until the final days of your holiday to discover the real island

*******BUTTON ADCyprus Island of Aphrodite welcomes you with open arms and a warm heart.

Let real people with personal stories & real experiences guide you and help you discover more about this wonderful, mediterranean island before you actually get there.

Time spent now will save hours or days of your hard earned holiday searching for that all important authentic experience, so often discovered towards the end of the trip and leaves you with such a feeling of disappointment.

How frustrating is that?...

...Well, on this site we want you to "know before you go" as much as possible...

...but feel free to ask questions or make comments contact us

If we can't help you then we probably know someone who can!

Get to know us through our about us page. We are very familiar with Cyprus, an island very, very close to our hearts and you will discover why we love it so much and want to share it with you.

So What & Where Is The Real Cyprus Then?

Now that is a very good question and bear in mind of course this is our interpretation and our experience, but we feel that most people would probably agree with us.

We have had many people, family and friends over the years.. 25 years to be precise, visit us when we lived there off and on and just about everyone said..

"you know, we would never have had such a good holiday without you to guide us, we never would have found some of these places on our own with just a guidebook, some hope and a prayer!"

So our aim is to help you get the most out of your visit to this terrific island. We want to shortcut your knowledge curve and add some info to the guidebook you already have and so on......

Things like...

  • Telling you about the all important authentic eating experience, when you taste the fabulous local food

  • What to buy that is hand made and local, or sometimes imported but not mass produced in China! when you go out shopping

  • What are the strong themes about this island so you can get a feel for the cypriot culture

  • Information about the local airports so your arrival and departure to the island is a great experience

  • Offer ideas about different types of holiday rentals

  • And much more...

In our opinion...the real island atmosphere of cyprus...

...Is found not just in the hill villages around the island it is everywhere but you have to know where to look!

The real kind of cyprus to us is found in the food of the island, the warmth and hospitality of its people and in the places where life still goes on undisturbed in the same traditional way it has done for years, even in the city!

You won't find it in the touristy restaurants charging a fortune for rubbery squid or in the "souvenir" shop selling snow globes from Taiwan!

Rest assured we want to give you the best information for your visit to this wonderful island and...

We hope we can help you discover the heart and soul of the real island, please add your name to our mailing list in the box below so we can send you a Postcard From Cyprus on a regular basis




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